Beauty of Watercolor

a 2-day introductory workshop with Deena Ball


Based on interest, this workshop might be held again, in the fall. Send an email to to express your interest.


Today’s emphasis will be on controlling the ratio of water to pigment in order to take advantage of the special properties of watercolor. 

In addition, Students will learn about the history of watercolor, review supplies and learn why we are using certain supplies. Students will review the elements of art, create value scales, color wheels, learn about different types of washes and ways of applying watercolor paint.  The second half of the class will be spent painting a step by step landscape with the instructor. 


Students will work on color mixing and value relationships while exploring the idea of a three pass method for painting the basics of most watercolor compositions. The class will start out with a series of short exercises and then each student will complete a final painting utilizing what they have learned in the workshop.


By the end of this introductory workshop students will have an basic understanding of how to create a watercolor painting, how to find the right supplies and why certain supplies should be used, how to control the ratio of water to pigment in order to take advantage of the unique and beautiful properties of watercolor. 

The Teaching Artist will bring all professional quality supplies for participants to use at the workshop. There will be a $30 supply fee, payable with registration, to cover the use of  paint, high quality brushes, palettes, paper towels, water containers, artists tape, backing boards, pencils, erasers, sketch paper and watercolor paper. Teaching artist will also bring informational handouts and reference books for class use. 

Registration/Fees: to register for the class, email the instructor at State your interest and put “Beauty of Watercolor Workshop” in the subject line. She will contact you to confirm and to get your payment information.  Your $130 payment ($100 enrollment for 8-hour class, plus $30 for supplies, described above), will reserve a space in the class. Minimum enrollment is 5 students, maximum is 12.

Art is all around us, and we are all artists when we open our eyes to the beauty in our surroundings…Students depart my classes and workshops with not just a pretty object in hand, but a greater appreciation of the visual subtleties in their environment and confidence in themselves as creative individuals.”

Deena Ball has 30+ years of teaching experience. She is a member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. She currently teaches at the Wayne Art Center, the Main Line Art Center, the Haverford Adult School, the Community Arts Center, Wallingford, and Dunwoody Village.

For more information on the artist and her work, visit her website: