Quilts by Megan Fruchter

Megan Fruchter now lives in North Carolina with her three very large dogs, but she has deep Malvern roots. She grew up in Paoli, and her grandparents, Clarence and Gladys Goshorn, raised her father, Bob Goshorn, and her uncle, Bill Goshorn, right here on King St. in Malvern. Gladys wrote several small books on gardening and was a long-time President of the Malvern Garden Club. Bob served as the President of the Chester County Historical Society for more than a decade, as well as heading the TE School Board.

In addition to quilts, Megan creates unique stained glass assemblies, hand-knitted sweaters from her own original designs, and watercolor paintings specializing in plant morphology and Norse mythology.  She also is available for home design consultations which include a wide range of handmade, individually designed craft objects.
Megan’s quilt designs are inspired, unique, and dramatic.  They are stitched by hand: beautifully appliquéd and very finely hand-quilted throughout. 

Interested in buying an astonishing handmade quilt and helping Malvern Arts? To learn more, contact Megan at: