Who Are We?

Malvern Arts is a cooperative of diverse artists:  visual, theater, dance, written and spoken word, music, textiles, pottery, textiles …. who want to share the consideration of their work. 

What do we Do?

Offer a welcoming place in Malvern to make art, present the art of others, and talk about ideas together… a place to interact around creativity.


To stimulate communication and social interaction in the local community and among many different people and groups, so we may understand each other a little better.


Danny Fruchter has been living in Malvern for 40 years. He was a founder of People’s Light & Theater Co., the Coatesville Cultural Society and the International Institute for Theatre Research. Over these years he has established close friendships with a number of artists around the world, in Chester County, and with his neighbors in Malvern. In 2015, twenty-six of Danny’s neighbors and friends started meeting to discuss, and eventually plan to make a center for art in Malvern for the local community. The result is Malvern Arts, now open at 146 Channing Avenue, in the education building the First Baptist Church, one of Malvern’s few historic (circa 1870s) landmarks.

The central idea of Malvern Arts is to offer a variety of events and programs intended as opportunities for personal connection and community.

We recognize that in this day and age, most of us tend to meet and interact only with people like ourselves in our schools, workplaces, religious institutions and social organizations. Through Malvern Arts, we seek to expand the boundaries of those normal connections. We invite everyone to join us, with an emphasis on local people who can attend by walking, while also making special efforts to invite as diverse a universe of friends as possible. We hope to introduce new friends to each other who might not otherwise meet outside of Malvern Arts.”

Danny Fruchter

Malvern Arts was created entirely by volunteer work and is supported through local financial contributions. It operates under the corporate umbrella of the Coatesville Cultural Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making all contributions tax-deductible.

The Founding Volunteers of Malvern Arts

Norm Baglini

Sid Baglini

Sarah Bones

Alda Cortese

Peter DeLaurier

Peter Druian

Danny Fruchter

Lee Hiers

Isabel Leininger

Kurt Leininger

Ajene Livingston

Kuweka Lucas

Pat Marco

Leora Marion

Steve Novelli

Anne Praino

Jim Pyne

Nancy Schill

Nancy Shils

Paul Sidlick

Margaret Sidlick

Tom Teti

Bobbi Tower

Margaret Weinstein