Come Sing in Malvern

You probably do a lot for your health — exercise, eat right, drink plenty of water, take vitamins, get annual checkups, meditate, and so much more.

But, do you sing?

The health benefits of singing, physical, mental, emotional and have been documented in many studies, and the benefits of singing in a choir add another level of benefit: to the community. A recent article in the Washington Post ( noted that “in 2019, some 54 million Americans sang in choirs, and those who did were found to be more optimistic, more likely to vote, less lonely, possessed stronger relationships and were more likely to contribute positively to their communities than non-singers.”

Not bad, right?

There’s a lot more that can be said about the subject, well covered by the above-mentioned linked article and study, but that’s not really the point of this writing. Malvern Arts has started a community choir. We have an experienced, professional director (Renee Robinson-Way) and a rehearsal space at St. Paul AME Church (225 Church Street, Malvern). We have a small group who have been meeting since February – 14 people from Malvern, Coatesville, West Chester, and Philadelphia.

What we need is you.

Malvern Arts’ community choir is meeting today*, Sunday, August 8th, 6pm-7:30pm, and you are invited to sing with us. Try it out — we’re having a great time, we’re starting to sound pretty good, and…

it’s good for you!

*If you can’t make it today, please email Leora at or leave a voice message at (610) 384-1790, and let me know how to reach you.

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