Seasonal Drawings by Nimrat Sandhu

Malvern artist Nimrat Sandhu completed this series in December. She has written: “I wanted to show how the four seasons quietly move and settle, one into another, seamlessly, like butterflies.

Winter Mornings colored pencil with gold leaf, 8 x 10
Spring Nights soft pastels & pastel pencil, 8 x 10
Summer Evenings soft pastels & pastel pencil, 8 x 10
Fall Afternoons soft pastels & pastel pencil, 8 x 10

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  1. I love the theme and the visuals that capture it. The delicate and detailed drawings bring such soothing comfort! I admire the rendering of wood and glass; it is a challenge at least for me. I think I will make some nice herbal tea now!

  2. Ms. Sandhu’s pure whimsy amplifyied by heightened color celebrates everyday beauty. It is an antidote to our daily national trauma. My internal self reset from the high energy contant thrum of the news to the more meditative pace of an imagined normalcy. Thank you. Danny

    1. I am happy to know that my work could move you in a positive way.. thank you! It is indeed a very turbulent time but love and hope in all forms shall see us through it…🙏🏻

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