Mixed Media Art by Meera Alve

I am Meera Alve from Malvern, Pennsylvania and I am a self-taught artist. I started my career as a telecommunication engineer, but have always had an artistic flair and dabbled in art as a hobby. My art is inspired by the Indian styles of Kalamkari, Gond, and Pichwai. While living in India, I worked with the late artist Sachin Nath, who helped me refine my technique and grow as an artist. I continue to incorporate his teachings and look to various other cultures and motifs for inspiration. I work in oils, pastels, pencils, and ink with various nature inspired subjects.


  1. I’ve enjoyed seeing the works of Nimrat Sandhu and these of Meera Alve. I love seeing the talents of our local artists, and look forward to sometime when we can see them in real life! Thanks for introducing me to works I would not otherwise have seen!

  2. Dear Meera,
    Your stuff is great. Exuberant. Glad to be alive. A world I want to live in. Thanks,

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