June’s Strawberry Moon… WALK WHEN THE MOON IS FULL by Sid Baglini

Friday, June 5th,  9 PM

June’s Strawberry Moon

Despite our sheltering at home for months, the seasons and natural events have continued their cycles and now we approach the season of bounty and the Summer Solstice.  If you’ve been to a market in recent weeks, you know that the produce section is featuring local, luscious strawberries, and so our full moon this month is called the Strawberry Moon.  Since we are still not gathering for full moon walks, perhaps you can grab a bowl of berries and enjoy them under the light of the moon this Friday night.  It should be visible at dusk, weather permitting of course. The moon will look full both Thursday and Friday nights, so keep an eye on the weather for your viewing opportunity.

Other names for this moon are the mead moon, honey moon, and rose moon. Makes me think of my Shakespeare—”a rose (moon) by any other name……”.  Whatever you call it, it should clear the horizon by 8:23 EDT.

Stay tuned for next month when our full moon presents for your viewing pleasure…

a lunar eclipse!  

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