It’s time for the final Supermoon of 2020 — The Flower Moon… here are some things to know and notice from Sid Baglini, leader of the Malvern Arts Walk When the Moon is Full Program:

Once again, the Covid-19 restrictions will prevent us from hosting our monthly walk but you and your family can experience it together.  

May 7th at 6:45 EDT is the official peak of the full moon but it will be below the horizon at that point.  This means that you have two opportunities to view it–Wednesday night, May 6th or Thursday night May 7th.  We had scheduled our outing for the 7th but if the weather looks doubtful for that date, go out on Wednesday and it will appear just as full.

This will be the third and final Supermoon for the year 2020.  It will be the 3rd closest Supermoon while last month, in April, we saw the closest Supermoon for 2020.

The Native Americans gave the full moons their names and this month, it is the Flower Moon but different tribes had varying names like Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon, Full Leaf Moon, and my favorite coined by the Arapahos, “When Shaggy Ponies Shed Their Hair Moon”.  

Whatever you choose to call it, get outside after dark and enjoy this celestial event.  There will also be two meteor showers occuring in early May.  Even though the light of the full moon may make viewing the meteors difficult, you may catch sight of a few streaks of light flashing across the sky, a bonus for making the effort to walk when the moon is full!

Be safe out there and we’ll see you for a walk sometime soon!


    1. Any “night sky event” is the best sort of binge watching for me! I like that comparison.

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