Super-Moon-Gazing Tuesday, April 7th

Hi, I’m Sid Baglini, and I lead the monthly program Walk When the Moon is Full at Malvern Arts.  We are disappointed that due to the virus, we can’t gather as a group for this month’s walk (this Tuesday), but that doesn’t mean that you and your family cannot take advantage of a “moon walk”.  If the weather cooperates, it should be well worth the effort!

On April 7th, we will experience the brightest supermoon of 2020. It is called a “pink moon” not because of its color but because of the prevalence of pink creeping phlox blossoms this time of year. Other names for the April full moon include Egg, Sprouting Grass, and Fish moon. 

supermoon is when a full moon occurs at the same time the moon’s orbit is the closest to Earth.  Supermoons are approximately seven percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than an average full moon.  While this one peaks at 10:35 EDT, our walk was planned at 7:30 so we could see it rising. When objects on the horizon are silhouetted by the moon, the moon tends to appear quite large.

If you do go for a walk, be sure to note how the light from the moon creates shadows, including your own.  It might get you humming the tune “Moon Shadow.” Also, look for the structure of venerable old trees which are beautifully illuminated by the brilliant moon.  Listen for night time sounds of spring like geese migrating (we heard them on our March walk) and spring peepers near marshy areas.

You should also get a good view of Venus overhead toward the West.  It will be the brightest object in the sky besides the moon. And if you enjoy the night sky, don’t forget to head outside on the evenings of April 22nd and 23rd when the Lyrids meteor shower peaks.

I hope you are all healthy and finding ways to enjoy your family during this season of shared seclusion.


  1. Thank you, Sid. I attended the last Moon Walk and found your knowledge and guidance amazing! I’ll share this with some friends to enjoy this months’ full moon walk.


    1. Thank you, Assunta. I’m strictly an enthusiast but you pick up tidbits here and there and I’m glad it enriched your walk. We lucked out and I had a bit of an opportunity to see last night’s Supermoon. I watched it rise through the trees up on the battlefield and it actually was a lovely shade of orangish pink and then I went out at 10 pm, nearer it’s peak and saw the beautiful white moon slipping in and out of the clouds and throwing a pale orange halo around itself. Such brushes with natural beauty are a salve to the soul in these troubled times. Be well and I look forward to seeing you at future walks.

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